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High Pressure Propeller Driven Shower Head

High Pressure Propeller Driven Shower Head

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Our shower head uses Innovative Hydrodynamic-Rotation Turbocharged settings and a combination of H20 laser perforated technology and water saving micro-holes to transform your shower significantly increasing water flow and saving you money. The PP cotton filter significantly reduces chlorine and fluoride, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust and odors in the shower water, enhances water purification and maintains water pH balance. Our PP cotton filter softens and purifies hard water into natural, clean water. This spring-like water feels great to shower in and is good for our well-being. The Stop Button maintains water temperature with no need to use the water valve - Convenient for washing long hair, children and pets. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sterling Cremin

All OK! Connected, works Very very beautiful! Water jet from the shower is super beautiful and the propeller inside... But it hurts on the skin very thin jet ....

Mafalda Monahan

Good, only concern I have was that the picture shows the head as grey/silver but the propeller in mine was blue but that’s totally okay works great and I got everything in the picture. Definitely good for the price and fast shipping

Rosalind Pfannerstill

The only fault with this item (not the seller's fault) is that it's so powerful that the water is cooled before hitting me but up close it's hot. I like to turn the off button to halfway which then helps. Otherwise I am loving it.

Daren Cremin

As allways i am happy with your great service and our Good partnership. Thank you very much we higly appriciate it. We Will continue to place our orders with you dear partner

Cecile Kulas

I actually have already installed it and it really works like they show. A little surprised how much gunk the filter took out when I tested it out. It makes me happy and sad, guess I need a whole house filter

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